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Women's Empowerment 
Basic 1 Workshop

Women's Empowerment Basic 1 Workshop Info: Date: Sat., March 28, 2015 Time: 3:30pm - 6:00pm Place: Kadan Martial Arts - 11741 Valley View St. #G, Cypress, CA 90630 Email: ManaKeeper@gmail.com (registration & information) Cost: $45.00 pre-registration by March 23, 2015          $55.00 registration on or after March 24, 2015

The Women's Empowerment Basic 1 Workshop is a two and a half hour intensive hands-on session where women learn practical application of self-defense techniques along with sensory work and mental exercises. Aurora shares her 25 years of martial arts and personal safety experience in concise lecture points to raise participants awareness of their surroundings as well as to give them options for preventing physical confrontations. Campfire exercises are one of our unique training tools and have the power to make the biggest impact on the quality of daily life. Upon completion of Basic 1 Workshop participants will be able to apply basic techniques with enough strength and accuracy to break a board.

​Class Take-Home Materials:
Empowerment Basic 1 Workbook
  ~ Basic Self-Defense Techniques and Skills
  ~ Home Workout & Practice
  ~ 4 Week Home Campfire Exercises
  ~ Lecture Points & Notes
  ~ Empowering Quotes
Empowerment Journal
Wood Board

In-Class Materials:
Kicking Shields
Hand Boxing Mitts
Focus Paddles

​What to bring: Water and a positive, can do attitude.
What to wear: Please wear comfortable clothing that doesn't constrict movement.

Check out our blog post for more detailed information

Self-Actualization thru Women's Empowerment Basic I Six Week Course

The Self-Actualization thru Women's Empowerment Basic I Six Week Course is a unique women’s self-defense & empowerment program that views the mind, body, emotions and spirit as equally important components to develop for personal growth and physical safety. 

Most of us were never taught how to use our bodies effectively to protect ourselves and/or our loved ones. Many of us think that due to our age, physical limitations or fitness level we can't learn to defend ourselves, but nothing is further from the truth. Regardless of our perceived limitations each one of us has the ability to learn how to be more physically self-reliant, effective and confident. There is an important paradigm shift in consciousness that happens when we realize that we are more powerful, resourceful and resilient than we thought. 

Our program's goal is to help each participant find a deeper level of authenticity, a better understanding of her true power and the genuine confidence that can only come through self-actualization. 

Integration is key. 
What sets this program apart from other "women's self-defense programs" is that we believe that to create lasting and applicable change we must address the whole of the person: mind, emotions, and spirit, not just the body. What sets this program apart from other "women's empowerment programs" is that we bring connection and practical application to the physical element of personal power. 

This Six Week Course addresses the body through learning simple/effective self-defense techniques, sensory and proprioception exercises, as well as some light Pilates and stretches. The mind and emotions are addressed through lecture points, campfire talk, workbook exercises and journal work. The spirit is addressed by the individual, in her own unique way, throughout the course. 

This course is open to women 18 years and older. Younger students may participate only in conjunction with a female parent or guardian over the age of 18 years.  The program accommodates for any fitness level or physical limitation(s). 

For more information about our Basic I Six Week Course please use link. Thank you for honoring the feminine.